Tailored Intelligence From the Deep

At Qintel we help the world's most critical government agencies and many Fortune 100 companies uncover the stories hidden in the deep, leaving cyber adversaries nowhere to hide.

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Leap From Data To Intelligence

Data does not always lead to intelligence. It takes quality sources gathered by battle tested professionals and processed with industry leading technology to do that.

About Q
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Revolutionary government-grade, patent-pending technologies designed to quickly deliver relevant, comprehensive, and actionable intelligence

All Data is Not Created Equal

Finding quality data is difficult. Turning it into relevant intel is complicated…
Until now.

By Design

Qintel is proud to play a critical role in the security operations of many of the world's largest businesses and most essential government agencies, but you probably haven't seen the name in the headlines. That's by design. When intelligence matters, silence is power.

Our operational knowledge and unparalleled standards were molded through the most elite military and government experience on the planet, paired with the innovation and speed demanded by the world's largest businesses.

We're proud to be the best. Not the loudest.

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Do you want to help us illuminate the deep?

We're hiring highly skilled and passionate people to join our mission and help illuminate the deep, leaving cyber adversaries nowhere to hide. Learn more about our culture and mission.