We're From The Deep


When Intel Matters

Organizations Call Qintel. Data diverse enough to protect the internet, mature enough to support the enterprise, and targeted enough to defend the nation.

At Qintel our employees come from the world's most elite government agencies—law enforcement, intelligence agencies, the Department of Defense, and federally funded research and development centers (FFRDCs). Our technologists come from the most innovative private sector companies in the world. Where we come from, threat intelligence isn't a game. It's a duty that's ingrained in our DNA.

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Navigate the Profound

Since day one our focus has been clear—we help customers get precise intelligence quickly and easily. Meeting this challenge every day has demanded that Qintel be at the forefront of data science and intelligence computing.

Experience Meets Technology

We build technology that models and intelligently executes the same approach to threat data sourcing used by humans in elite government and military agencies. Every Qintel product is designed to structure and synthesize the industry's most complete set of threat data into its most functional platform.

Every day we help customers leap from data to intelligence faster is a day our world is just a little bit safer.

We Do Not Take Investment Funding

Our customers are our customers. Investors are not.

At Qintel our customers are the only stakeholders we care about. That's because our business is built to succeed when our customers do, not some anonymous group of "shareholders". It means that behind our technology, offerings, services—behind everything we do—is a genuine pledge to provide value to our customers—our only customers.

by Design

Today, as cyber threats become more sophisticated and ever-more prevalent, organizations have started to realize they need to think about threats differently. And that's why many have found us—because we're different. We're driven to the depths of the cyber universe to uncover threat intelligence that makes an impact in our world and for our customers. We're also different because we're stealth by design. We remain discreet so that we can observe adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures in the wild without alerting them to our presence. When it comes to knowing adversaries we're not the loudest. We're the best.

Dive In

Do you want to help us illuminate the deep?
We're hiring highly skilled and passionate people to join our mission and help illuminate the deep leaving cyber adversaries nowhere to hide. Learn more about our culture and mission.

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